Generalist desk

On this page you can find the work created by our Generalist desk. 


Sustainable Finance

A rapid expansion of the green FinTech sector is underway at various hubs across the globe. The purpose of this phenomena is to foster environmental sustainability through an eco-friendlier banking and more aware consumers. In this report we take a snapshot of what are the main companies in the sector and what they are doing to foster a sustainable future, all by focusing on real case-studies.


From Doconomy ‘s technology enabling customer to track CO2 emissions to Klarna and Flowe ‘s green impact, we take you on a journey to see what a more sustainable future looks like. 


Salary Industry

Nowadays we have immediate access to almost everything we want whenever we want. This is the value proposition of the on-demand economy that, in the recent years, entered our lives and disrupted many of the traditional sectors.

FinTech has brought this idea of ‘I want it, I get it’ into employer-employee relationship giving birth to on-demand salary. Its concept consists in giving employees instant access to their earned wages, which clearly generates a win-win situation: companies reduce turnover and increase motivation, while employees have a fairer access to their salary.