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Generalist desk

On this page you can find the work created by our Generalist desk. 

Stablecoins analysis

This Bocconi Students Fintech Society report focuses on Stablecoins: a type of cryptocurrency designed to maintain a stable value, as opposed to the high volatility commonly seen in other cryptocurrencies. They achieve this stability by being pegged to a more stable asset, such as a fiat currency (like the US Dollar), commodities (like gold), or through algorithmic mechanisms. The primary purpose of stablecoins is to combine the stability of traditional currencies with the benefits of digital currencies, such as faster transactions and decentralization, making them suitable for daily transactions, remittances, and as a safe haven in the volatile crypto market.  


The report aims to comprehensively analyze alternative stablecoins from BUSD (Binance USD), focusing on quantitative factors and the qualitative examination of Michelangelo Mauro, Gleb Legotkin, Brent Verhoest, and Lorenzo Fruttero.

IoT Revolution in Insurance Industry

The Internet of Things has revolutionized various industries, including the insurance sector. This revolution has emerged thanks to the ability of connected devices to gather and transmit real-time data, enabling insurance companies to assess risks more accurately, personalize policies, and enhance claims management. 

This fusion of IoT and the insurance industry has opened up new perspectives, which we have sought to analyze in our presentation.

Regulatory sandboxes

The Regulatory Sandboxes Project, meticulously conducted by the Bocconi Students Fintech Society, is a deep dive into the evolving landscape of regulatory innovation. The collaborative efforts of Gabriel Cunha, Naomi Hannoun, Natalia Borisova, Vlad Marinescu, Yassine Mechbal, and Prabhath Puli bring together diverse expertise in finance, technology, and regulatory affairs to shed light on the intriguing world of regulatory sandboxes.


This project not only explores the fundamentals of regulatory sandboxes but also presents a detailed case study of the European DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) Regime Sandbox. Furthermore, it offers a comparative analysis, pitting regulatory sandboxes against traditional regulatory approaches, providing a nuanced understanding of their impact on innovation, market entry, and risk mitigation.

Banking as a Service

Banking as a service (BaaS) is a transformative paradigm that enables non-banks to embed financial services within their own platforms. It has fostered innovation, enhanced customer experiences, and democratized access to financial products.


Our report explores how the EU's revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has accelerated BaaS adoption, encouraging collaboration and fostering a more dynamic financial ecosystem. Current BaaS business models focus on API integration, data aggregation, and white-label solutions, while future models are poised to integrate artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and embedded finance.

Introduction to ChatGPT

Future of AI

AI in the finance industry

Come explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the financial industry. Our report explores the intersection of AI and finance, revealing its revolutionary potential for financial transactions and decision-making processes. Discover how AI solutions are increasingly present in the financial industry, reshaping the landscape of banking and investments. 

Our report, produced by Aniello Renzullo, Davide Gerace, Michelangelo Mauro, Andrea Tundo, Lodovica Mannocci, Pedro Calixto, Caterina Cappeller, provides valuable insights into the benefits and challenges of this innovative technology, including its potential to reach efficiency and security in this field. 

Want to learn more on AI? Here below you can find two enlightening articles produced in collaboration with Bocconi AI & Neuroscience Student Association. The first is an introduction to the famous ChatGPT while the second is an overview of the sectors that will be impacted by AI in the near future.


A big thank you to the author of these articles, Csilla Janky, member of the Bocconi AI & Neuroscience Student Association!

Digital Payments and Wearables 

The report by Bocconi Students Fintech Society on digital payments and wearables presents a comprehensive analysis of the evolving landscape of financial transactions and the impact of wearable technology. It highlights the increasing prominence of digital payment solutions and their integration with wearable devices, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers.


The report explores the benefits and challenges associated with this emerging trend, including convenience, security, and user adoption. Additionally, it discusses the growing opportunities for businesses in leveraging wearables as a platform for seamless and secure transactions. 


Overall it provides valuable insights into the intersection of digital payments and wearables, shedding light on the future of financial technology and consumer behavior.

Super apps

How Super Apps in the Asian Industry are Changing Customer Behavior and Preferences

Super apps, integrated platforms that offer a wide range of services, have revolutionized the way customers interact with digital platforms and have become central to their daily lives. Super apps provide benefits such as expanded customer reach, improved insights, and cross-selling opportunities, but they also entail challenges including intense competition, regulatory complexities, and the need to balance convenience with data privacy.


This report, produced by the Bocconi Students Fintech Society, delves into the key drivers behind the success of Super apps, their influence on customer behaviour, and the subsequent implications for businesses operating in the Asian market.

Transactional banking

How Transactional Banking is modernizing itself thanks to the latest innovations in the field and which alternatives are provided by firms?

Transactional Banking is central in providing customers the needed tools in order to complete their daily transactions. A new era in the Transactional Banking area is incoming, with the advent of Open Banking, Cybersecurity and Real-time Payments.


Bocconi Students Fintech Society produced this report about Transactional Banking which illustrates the modernization of Transactional Banking, its current challenges and latest developments.

Sustainability & FinTech: 
New solutions to achieve ESG goals

Sustainability issues and challenges are arising around the globe and the Fintech sector is currently

providing promising solutions. But which are the main areas of impact? Who are the main players?

Bocconi Students Fintech Society has produced this report about Sustainability and Fintech which describes the areas of impact, illustrates the major players and new partnerships addressing sustainability issues.

Core Banking:
The Revolutions

Legacy core banking systems are decades old and after years of underinvestment they became costly and not capable of supporting new technologies. New systems have been developed, also thanks to open banking, which allows banks to share data with third-party apps.

Bocconi Students Fintech Society analyzed if a change is really needed, why the deployment of these technologies is taking so long and who are the new players in this growing market.

Central Bank Digital Currencies: a new digital form of cash?

With the rise of cashless payments, many Central Banks are exploring the development of CBDCs to keep pace with the digitalization of the economy.

CBDCs could enable central banks to promote financial inclusion, reduce fraud and money laundering, guarantee a sovereign alternative for digital payments and create a new vehicle for monetary policy. However, their adoption could pose serious risks to the financial sector and privacy.

Bocconi Students Fintech Society has produced this introductory report in which you can find out what CBDCs are, which are their possible designs, and how they could impact our society. We will also investigate their possible implications on cybersecurity and privacy, and we will analyze at what stage different countries are in the development of CBDCs.

Ethereum's Use Case

Ethereum and Bitcoin combined are over 50% of the traded cryptocurrencies, but arguably Ethereum has been the most talked one after its merge from proof of work to proof of stake (September 15th 2022).


We saw its value rise and drop many times, but apart from knowing Ether as digital money used on the internet, what do we know? What is behind that digital coin whose value most of the time is unpredictable? In what cases can we really use it?

Bocconi Students Fintech Society researched on Ethereum’s history, main use cases and its most recent news: The Merge.

Blockchain & Cybersecurity: 
From online threats to cyberattacks' case studies

Cyberattacks are increasing daily as well as the cost to breach them. As we can already see, old cybersecurities are not as valid as before.

Innovative and more secure ways need to be used. One of the main solutions is the blockchain.

Bocconi Students Fintech Society researched on the main threats that are circulating online and how blockchains improve the defense against them.

How the Crypto Space tries to reimagine the organizations’ world

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations allow individuals from all over the globe to get together and pursue shared interests.


According to someone, they represent how future organizations will develop, but what is the current framework? And what do they need to unlock their full potential?

BSFS has produced this introductory report in which you can find out what DAOs are, how they structure, what types do exist, and how they are revolutionizing the field of investments. To conclude, DAOs are investigated in their current limits and challenges for the future. 

Smart Cities and Fintech:
Innovations, opportunities and future perspectives

Smart cities have become increasingly important in the last decade.

But what is a Smart City, and why can Fintech Innovations such as Digital Payments be considered enablers of this idea across the world?

What are the growth perspectives for the sector, and what challenges the future holds?

These are some of the questions we answer in this report.

Decentralized Finance:
Reimagining the financial system

Technology is continuing to power an unprecedented shift in financial services ecosystems, and Decentralized Finance presents itself as a trustless driver of this trend.

Bocconi Students Fintech Society has produced a Glimpse into the World of Decentralized Finance, in which you can find out how it develops in its main features and core competencies, namely Stablecoins, Decentralized Exchanges, Lending, Borrowing, and Token Sales.

Banking as a Service:
The rise in E-Commerce

Banking as a service is making its way in non-financial companies willing to offer financial services and a more complete customer experience.


This report analyzes how Baas works and how e-Commerces are exploiting it for their businesses.

Buy Now Pay Later

BNPL is rapidly becoming one of the most popular services to offer customers installment payments on purchases. 


The technical analysis contained in this report outlines the development and outlook of this innovative financing option.

Big Tech in Finance:
GAFA expanding to the FinTech sector

The Tech Giants are now entering financial services, disrupting the industry globally by leveraging their competitive advantages. How will the rules of the game change?

Learn more in this presentation by Bocconi Students Fintech Society, which provides an overview on the main fintech services, targets and trends of the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) in the financial industry.

Proptech Overview: 
Is the future of Real Estate based on Technology?

Real Estate is changing fast and Technology is the main driver of this evolution.

In this report you can find data, trends and current developments of PropTech analzyed to the core.

Artificial Intelligence: Trends and Uses + European Insights

Artificial intelligence has now become crucial for any company that seeks growth and efficiency through process optimization. In this report you can find out how businesses and FinTechs are taking advantage of this tool, with an exceptional focus on the European market and players. 

Sustainable Finance

A rapid expansion of the green FinTech sector is underway at various hubs across the globe. The purpose of this phenomena is to foster environmental sustainability through an eco-friendlier banking and more aware consumers. In this report we take a snapshot of what are the main companies in the sector and what they are doing to foster a sustainable future, all by focusing on real case-studies.


From Doconomy ‘s technology enabling customer to track CO2 emissions to Klarna and Flowe ‘s green impact, we take you on a journey to see what a more sustainable future looks like. 

Salary Industry

Nowadays we have immediate access to almost everything we want whenever we want. This is the value proposition of the on-demand economy that, in the recent years, entered our lives and disrupted many of the traditional sectors.

FinTech has brought this idea of ‘I want it, I get it’ into employer-employee relationship giving birth to on-demand salary. Its concept consists in giving employees instant access to their earned wages, which clearly generates a win-win situation: companies reduce turnover and increase motivation, while employees have a fairer access to their salary.

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