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Empowering the next generation of Fintech leaders.

Bocconi Students Fintech Society

Dive into the dynamic world of financial technology with the Bocconi Students Fintech Society, a vibrant community of Bocconi University scholars fueled by a passion for innovation in finance. At BSFS, we’re not just a student association; we're a network of curious minds and future leaders, driven to explore every corner of the fintech universe.


Our mission?
To investigate and understand the fintech landscape through rigorous research, comprehensive slide sets, in-depth M&A analysis, and engaging interviews. This semester, we're excited to expand our horizons with data analysis projects, scrutinizing everything from the latest fintech trends to groundbreaking startups.


BSFS is where friendships form and professional connections take root, fostering relationships that thrive long after graduation. Whether you're seeking knowledge or looking to contribute, here's where you'll find like-minded enthusiasts eager to share insights and elevate your fintech fluency.


Join us and become a part of the journey. Enhance your understanding, contribute to our collective knowledge, and help others grow. Because at BSFS, we believe that together, we can shape the future of Fintech.


Image Gallery

Take a look at our gallery and see the Bocconi Students Fintech Society in action. From exciting fintech conferences to engaging blockchain meetups, we’re always in the mix, learning and sharing ideas about what's next in finance.

Check out the events we’ve put on with special guests and our participation in AssoFintech’s gatherings, showing our dedication to connecting with the wider fintech community.

But it’s not all serious business – we love to kick back too. Our monthly aperitivos are where we all come together to relax, chat, and build the friendships that are the foundation of our society.

What do we do?

We want to favor relationships with Fintech companies, banks and consulting firms, increasing Fintech awareness and giving suggestions for a future career.

With our work, we research and produce high level information about the most relevant Fintech topics. Our aim is to develop and share knowledge about the importance of the companies that are reinventing the global financial services. To do so, we gather students that are willing to take on new challenges and explore the future of finance.


Since our foundation in 2017, we are the leading Fintech association in Bocconi University, generating new ideas and opportunities.


Dive into our curated presentations detailing cutting-edge Fintech insights and analyses.


Explore our in-depth studies on Fintech trends, innovations, and market dynamics.


Experience the pulse of Fintech with us through engaging conferences and networking opportunities.


Get insights from key players and innovators in Fintech through our exclusive interviews.

Become a Part of Innovation

Join the Bocconi Students Fintech Society today and be at the forefront of financial technology. Together, we're not just watching the future—we're creating it.

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